Dangerous Effects Of Smoking That Could Motivate You To Switch To Vaping

If you are still using traditional cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes it’s time for you to wake up and switch to using vapor cigarette. It is proven that smoking is bad for your health especially to the people around you or secondhand smokers. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is addicting and people just can’t throw their tobacco life away. This is the main reason why electronic cigarettes exist. To help people live a tobacco, tar, chemicals, and smoke free life. Here are other reasons that might motivate you to kick the habit:

Cigarette smoking destroys your lungs

vapor cigarettesPeople breathe to survive but if you are breathing in smoke, it’s the other way around. 85% of lung cancer cases are caused by tobacco smoking. You might call yourself lucky if you have escaped lung cancer but there are other lung infections that you need to be wary about including asthma and emphysema.

Smoking can make you 10-20 years older.

Do not think that all tobacco consequences can be found only in your insides because majority of the impact is directed to your appearance. Cigarette smoke clings to just about anything and that means that it clings to your skin, your eyes, your teeth, your nails, and your hair.  People who are smoking tobacco are more prone to psoriasis, warts, and skin cancer. They have dark shadows and their teeth and nails are yellow because of the tar. This is another major reason why a lot of people are already turning to the alternative which is vapor cigarette to avoid looking unhygienic.

It causes miscarriage to women and infertility and erectile dysfunction to men

This is the reason why warnings like “Smoking kills” and “Do not harm your unborn child” are indicated in the packaging of most cigarette brands in some countries like the Philippines. Cigarette can put your reproductive health at risk even if you are just a second hand smoker. It puts unborn child at risk for miscarriage and birth defects. For men, it can make it difficult for them to uphold there erection and worst it can even make them infertile.