Smoking in Public Places Can Be Legal

Many people have noticed more and more places are banning cigarette smoking in public areas. They are implementing strict rules in your local coffee shops and bars. It is also noticeable that a lot of smoking areas in malls or resorts are starting to go missing.

The Safe Alternative to Smoking

For people who used to smoke or who are in the process of smoking, the shift to electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are casually called, are very much usual. More and more smokers are starting to use them as healthy alternatives. The good thing about using electronic cigarettes is that you’re not actually inhaling smoke. Instead, you’re inhaling the vapor. So you don’t get the smell and the nasty side effects as e-cigs can give you the nicotine you have probably been dependent to for so long without the carbon or tar that you have to deal with in the traditional cigarettes.

Since you’re smoking vapor instead of actual smoke, it doesn’t even trigger fire alarms. So aside from e-cigs being the healthier alternative, it is also safer. Cigarette smoking is banned in a lot of public areas like the places mentioned earlier, public places, your local coffee shop and bars and the like but e-cigs are not. You can smoke them inside the mall without getting into trouble and putting other people’s health at risk. You can even smoke e-cigs while walking around the mall. They actually sell these things at the mall so if you do run out of “juice” or e-liquid, you can just go to the nearest vape shop and purchase one for yourself. Actually, most people who smoke vape have a stock of these juices. They come in different flavors and different nicotine content so you can just shift from one kind to another once your juice in the container has run dry.