The Social Impact of Going Vape

I’m sure you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes. They’re seen everywhere! But just in case this is new to you. Let me explain the concept of electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. It’s basically smoking without the use of fire. It is made in different sizes, it really depends on your preference but most of the bigger ones were the earlier versions of e-cigs as they now make them in the same size as the conventional cigarettes we’re all used to seeing.

vapor cigsThe parts of the e-cig consist of an atomizer, a batter, and a renewable nicotine chamber. They produce “smoke” that aren’t actually smoke, its vapor. Vapor cigarette or “vapes” as people would casually call it has now become an alternative for smokers. Vapor cigarette tastes different from the traditional cigarettes but a lot of people still use this as a tool to minimize smoking or quit as it has none of the dangerous toxins a traditional cigarette has.


Social impact

Smoking gives off second-hand smoke. You’re not just posing a threat to your health when you smoke cigarettes in public. You’re also posing a threat to the people around you. E-cigs are legal to smoke even in public places since it doesn’t release any of those harmful chemicals or toxins as traditional cigarettes would.

Many people frown on smoking as it has been associated to people as something negative and it gives you a negative image. E-cigs don’t have that problem. Since it was introduced in the 21st century, it hasn’t been associated with any of the images that traditional cigarettes are attached to.

So again, let’s run that down the benefits of using an e-cig, shall we? No second hand smoke and people are actually aware that they don’t pose any health hazards to anyone, even the smoker. You don’t smell like cigarettes or ash tray when walking around or talking to people. When you smoke e-cigs, you don’t add to the air pollution so you are actually Eco-friendly.