What You Need to Know About the Basics on E-cigs

A lot of people will argue that smoking electronic cigarettes will not necessarily stop you from smoking because it just merely becomes an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Smokers, on the other hand, would argue that if you’re going to do something wrong, you have to do it right so if you’re going to smoke, smoke. Vapers would say that it is the healthy way to go when it comes to smoking.

Whatever side you are on, there really has to be no debate over it since it’s really up to your preference. While clearly, smoking is bad for your health, here are two things you might want to consider when you’re thinking about getting on electronic cigarettes.

Lack of tobacco

Nicotine is a substance that is very addictive. Some people are dependent on nicotine and that’s why people find a hard time getting out of it. Although there are e-liquids that have nicotine, it doesn’t contain tar and all the other oxides you get from smoking a traditional stock of cigarette.

Smoking bans

Some people only go for e-cigs to get around smoking bans. Since your are smoking vapor and it isn’t actual smoke, you can pretty much smoke it in malls or other public places. You can smoke e-cigs indoors and they don’t have the awful smell or you’re not endangering other people of second-hand smoke.


Though a lot of people are already using electronic cigarettes, there are still researches going on about it so it is pretty much an unknown ground. Before you purchase your own kit, learn what there is to know about using electronic cigarettes. You might also want to make sure you are getting your kit from an authorized dealer and avoid scams or any troubles in the future. Educate yourself by visiting http://www.ecigaretteopedia.com/

Smoking is a psychological issue too and if you really want to stop smoking, you might want to go for counselling and social or moral support.